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Front of FUMCThanks for visiting our website! We hope that you will also consider visiting one of our Sunday worship services:



  • If you are coming to one of the English language services, please dress casually.
  • If you are coming to one of the Tongan language services, we recommend that you dress in the traditional Tongan Way.

GETTING TO THE CHURCH – CLICK HERE for the map and location with a link for directions by car, bus, or on foot.

FUMC located on Beretania and Victoria

FUMC is located on Beretania & Victoria

PARKING – We have an underground parking lot on Victoria Street (the street in-between the church and the Honolulu Museum of Art. There is also street parking – no charge at the parking meters on Sundays. You can also park on Beretania Street, just make sure that you do not park directly in front of the church from where a NO PARKING sign is to the corner at Victoria Street.

If you park in the underground lot, you will see a staircase and an elevator. Take either to the first floor. From the staircase, turn right and across the courtyard, you will see the sanctuary. From the elevator, go down the hall and turn left and then you will see the courtyard to the sanctuary.

Our church offices are on the second floor.


Feeding the Homeless

Feeding the Homeless


8:00 a.m. – Pancakes and Praise. This is an informal experience consisting of a half-hour service with a praise band, prayers, and a brief sermon. Breakfast is served afterward with pancakes or rice plus breakfast meats and coffee. Most of the participants are in life transition, but we also have several who make this service one of their servant opportunities by being a part of the band, preparing and/or serving the meals.


10:00  a.m. – Main service in English.

Blended FUMC Service at 10amThis is a blended service with traditional and contemporary elements. We begin with the traditional Polynesian blowing of a shell, which symbolizes calling the Holy Spirit to be present. We utilize a projector and screen and project lyrics, announcements, and video. Musically, we sing hymns, traditional songs, we have a praise band in mostly the gospel tradition, and have contemplative music. From time to time, we have presentations of dance: hula and sign dance. In short, we try to have a little something for everyone.


Childcare is available up through preschool age. We have Sunday School for children kindergarten through eighth grade. The children come to worship for the first several minutes of worship, and then after a message for all generations and special music, the children leave for class until 11:30

High school youth remain in worship until after the sermon, then go to class until 11:30.



Bible Study at FUMC

Bible Study at FUMC

We have Adult Study meets in the second floor office wing library at about 11:30 and goes to 1:00 p.m.. Currently, we are finishing up a study on the Gospel of John.

Youth group meets from about 11:45 in Pastor Tom’s office on the second floor office wing and goes to 1:00 p.m. Mark Brekke is the new youth director.

We hope you can join us!


Pastor Tom Choi is the primary preacher. Learn more about him, CLICK HERE.


Tongan Service at FUMC

Tongan Service at FUMC

The Tongan church tradition has different preachers/speakers at each service, but Pastor Linita U. Moa is the pastor of the Tongan ministry and does preach.

CLICK HERE for a description in Tongan.

  • 6:00 a.m.  – Prayer service
  • 12 noon – Primary worship with choir
  • 3:00 p.m. – Afternoon service
Pastor Tom Choi

Click here to meet Pastor Tom Choi, senior pastor at First United Methodist Church (FUMC) of Honolulu.

Click here to meet the staff at FUMC.

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