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Sunday Service Schedule

Sunday, July 22, at 10 a.m.: Pastor Tom Choi continues the series called “Faith in Film” with “Field of Dreams.” The praise band leads worship and special music will be presented.

Infant and toddler care is also available. Youth remain in worship. Sunday school K-8 will meet about 15 minutes into worship.

Adult class and youth group on this day. The film for the day will be studied in the Adult group: “Field of Dreams.”

If you are able, please screen the film in advance.

Pancakes and Praise

Pastor Tom Choi will give a brief message at the Pancakes and Praise service at 8 am, which is a brief service of praise, prayer, and preaching, followed by breakfast (pancakes or rice with breakfast meat and eggs). Most of the participants are homeless, but it is a great serving opportunity! Please join us!

Pancakes and Praise

Pancakes and Praise

Tongan Prayer Worship

Tongan prayer worship service at 6 a.m. Primary service in Tongan at 12 noon .Tongan English Combine Service at FUMC