About Us

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We are Hawaii’s original Methodist Church established in 1855 under a Royal Charter issued by King Kamehameha IV. We are the only congregation in the United Methodism so established. Throughout our history, we have been a church which celebrates diversity under the unifying spirit of Christ and which seeks his leadership in new and innovative ministries.



Rev. Dr. Thomas Choi, Pastor of English Ministries

Rev. Dr. Linita ‘U. Moa, Pastor of Tongan Ministries, Email: linitamoa@firstumchonolulu.org

Church Secretary/Office Manager: Paini Harris – Email: paini@firstumchonolulu.org

Office Assistant:  Sandi Mactigone- Email: sandi@firstumchonolulu.org

Treasurer/Bookeeper: Paul Harleman –  Email: paul@firstumchonolulu.org

Choir Directors: Tupouseini Kelemeni & Fololiena Maka

Pianist: Mia Lin

Custodians: Heamasi Koli & Pat Sheppard

First UMC Church Office – Email: office@firstumchonolulu.org